A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's time to take your deliveries into overdrive with this fast-paced arcade racer. Weave through a metropolitan fortress and make your deliveries on time or you'll run out of gas.


  • Arrow keys or WASD or number keys - movement

Pastemates Overdrive explores the challenges of on-demand delivery service through the perspective of an autonomous vehicle. It was created using Godot 3.1 in 50 hours for the Ludum Dare 44 jam (Theme: Your Life is Currency). Programming + art created by me.

Thanks to the curators at freesounds.org for the audio:

  • richerlandtv for phone notification
  • kwahmah-02 for low gas alarm
  • ulose2piranha for ahh
  • jwheeler91 for doorbell

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PastematesOverdrive-Windows.zip 20 MB
PastematesOverdrive-Linux.zip 22 MB
PastematesOverdrive-Windows-postjam-adds-tutorial.zip 20 MB
PastematesOverdrive-Mac-osx-postjam-adds-tutorial.zip 23 MB
PastematesOverdrive-Linux-postjam-adds-tutorial.zip 22 MB

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